Technology is changing the Construction Industry for the Better

Over the last couple of years, the emergence of new technology has revolutionized the way many industries operate, and just like many other industries, the construction industry is changing for the better. As more and more technologies emerge in the construction industry, construction professionals will need to stay up to date with the latest technological breakthroughs which will continue to improve construction efficiency... Read more

How to Build a Budget for Your Construction Project

Construction project management (CPM) requires careful attention to detail, especially when building a budget for a construction project. Unlike other industries that have mainly fixed costs, the nature of the construction industry requires a lot of moving parts. These variable costs, like labor, materials, and equipment, for example, can fluctuate not only from one job to another, but even within the same job.  And a seemingly small miscalculation in budgeting... Read more

Experience vs. Credentials: Does Your Commercial Construction Contractor Make the Grade?

When selecting a contractor for your commercial construction project which matters most: experience or credentials? Actually, both are important.  While credentials may help distinguish whether or not a commercial contractor is professionally qualified, it is experience that illustrates his or her capabilities of satisfactorily completing the job on time and within budget. Let’s say you are planning to open your first restaurant and are deciding between... Read more

Create a Contemporary Reception Area for Your Business

The reception area is an extension of your business and is often the place where you will meet and greet employees, customers and visitors for the very first time. And this initial introduction to your business will create a long-lasting impression. According to recent research in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, first impressions not only last a whole lot longer than previously... Read more

What Will Construction Look Like In The Future?

When you take a look at most modern cities today, you will likely notice an eclectic mix of old and new buildings that not only showcase the differences in design, but the hallmarks of change in a technologically advancing world. Technology has allowed us to build stronger, more energy-efficient buildings that are reaching far greater heights than ever thought possible. And this pursuit... Read more

Contractors in Central Florida Feel the Labor Pinch

It’s been 10 years since the recession and Florida is booming again with Miami and Central Florida leading the state with the lowest unemployment. The unemployment rate in Central Florida was 3.8% in August 2017 and is among the lowest in the nation. Now the only problem is, and it’s a big one, there aren’t enough skilled workers to fill the... Read more

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