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When value engineering principles are built into the equation, owners and developers benefit from our innovative expertise of developing more efficient and cost-effective construction methods for their development project. Adding value engineering services to your delivery method is a great solution for owners and developers on a limited budget or who are planning their first project.

Value Engineering

value engineering for general contracting services in tampa

Value Engineering Can Be Perfect for Smart Savings

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By applying value engineering to our general contracting services, our clients can be assured they are getting the best value for their construction budget. We look for ways to control every cost from the ground-up including labor, project management, purchasing and other expenses to suggest changes that will maximize performance and minimize project development costs without sacrificing quality or delivery schedules. 


Value Engineering Services Can Include:

-       Cost Control

-       Labor Management

-       Project Management

-       Materials and Equipment Purchasing


When you consider the overall cost of your construction project, even small changes in the construction or design can add up to big savings. For example, if our value engineering services achieves a 10 percent savings in a $7,500,000 construction project, that equates to a $750,000 reduction in costs for the owner or developer.

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