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The Hard Bid delivery method is the most common form of general contracting for most government construction projects and even some large corporate projects. When we receive a request for a hard bid from you or your architectural design firm, we provide a guaranteed price for the entire cost of the project based on the specs provided in the bid.

Hard Bid

Hard Bid Delivery Method

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Once the funds have been allocated for a public sector construction project, it can be difficult to nearly impossible for the agency to request more funds. So it becomes vitally important for the general contractor to be able to ensure there is no labor or cost overruns and fully deliver in a hard bid contract. The last thing a government agency needs is for a contractor to need more funding to complete a project.


Hard Bid Services Can Include:

-       Single point of contact

-       Construction

-       Guaranteed Price

-       Post Construction and Cleanup

-       Logistics & Warehousing

-       Project Delivery


We have years of experience working with dozens of architectural firms, government agencies and large corporate entities in delivering hard bid construction projects on-time and within budget. As a result, we have built beautiful new schools for many communities, renovated courthouses and built many other public and private sector construction projects from the ground-up.

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