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Whether you are planning to build a hotel, restaurant, school, office building, shopping center or any other type of construction project, our design-build construction service is one of the most efficient and cost-effective project delivery methods in the construction industry today.

Design / Build

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Design / Build

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Rather than having to source and manage a variety of contractors, owners and developers have a single point of contact for all phases of the project from concept design to construction with a guaranteed cost of the entire development project.

Also, we take on the construction risk which reduces the chance for delays and errors. And since we are managing your project right from the beginning, we are able to fast-track the different phases of construction to deliver your project on time, provide better quality control and apply value engineering that virtually eliminates unexpected costly overruns.


Design-Build Construction Services Can Include:

-       Single point of contact

-       Architectural Design

-       Value Engineering

-       Construction

-       Post Construction and Cleanup

-       Logistics & Warehousing

-       Project Delivery


In addition, we can optionally provide all furniture, fixtures and equipment for your project including storage, transportation and installation for a completely turn-key construction solution.

Building excellence from the ground-up. What can we build for you? To discuss your project, contact us at (407) 574-2164 today for a free consultation!

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