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Why You Need Pre-Construction Services for Your Commercial Project

Pre-Construction ServicesIt’s no secret that planning is the foundation of success. And the same is true for a commercial construction project. That’s why pre-construction services are so essential. So, what are pre-construction services? Pre-construction services is the development of the scope of work for the entire commercial project. It outlines the materials, drawings, equipment, manpower and estimated costs to complete each phase of the construction project from start to finish. Many commercial contractors offer pre-construction services as a value-add for their clients. Some are more detail-oriented than others.

Reduce Construction Costs

Pre-construction services can eliminate many unpleasant surprises. Since the entire project is clearly defined any errors or omissions can be discovered before construction work begins. It also allows the client to make changes to the project before materials and equipment start arriving on site. Thus, reducing the need for more expensive and time-consuming change orders during the construction process – a time when change orders can affect the delivery time.

Reduce Construction Delays

The pre-construction document also addresses one crucial area that can lead to significant delays: permits. Many commercial construction projects have been delayed because it was not clearly defined from the outset who was responsible for securing the permits. While it may seem logical that the general contractor would be responsible for obtaining permits that is not always the case. In some cases, it is the property owner that has the permitting responsibility. And in some states, the electrical contractor, not the general contractor, is required to pull electrical permits. The pre-construction document doesn’t just provide an outline for the building owner; it also helps the many sub-contractors that will be involved throughout the construction process better understand their roles and responsibilities. When everyone is on the same page the risk of unnecessary construction delays is significantly reduced.

Final Site Review

The final site review is another critical aspect. The last thing you want to happen is for construction crews to arrive before the site is ready. The general contractor will walk the site and list any concerns or mitigating factors like soil conditions, utilities, plumbing connections, and erosion control, for example, with any necessary recommendations or concerns that will need to be addressed before the construction phase.

Roadmap for Success

Pre-Construction ServicesAlthough it is not mandatory, pre-construction service is a benefit that serves as a roadmap for success. A commercial project without pre-construction services is like making a movie without a script. Everyone involved understands their role without ambiguity. Building owners, property managers, and other stakeholders can monitor the construction project checking off the work as it is completed erasing any doubt to completed tasks and the work that still needs to be done throughout the construction project. The result is a successful commercial project that is built on time and within budget.

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