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Top 4 Hotel Design Trends for 2019

To understand the hotel business today and its future direction, you need to look no further than the largest demographic group of guests. And that group is the millennial. The millennials are the biggest spenders in virtually every segment of the economy, including the business and luxury hotel segment. Hoteliers around the country will be incorporating several innovative designs into their properties to attract these lucrative guests to their properties in 2019.

Immersive Experiences

Immersive Hotel ExperienceThe millennials are growing up in a world of smart phones and social media. This social group of guests is not interested in plain looking hotels or rooms. Whether they are going out to eat, vacationing or traveling on business, millennials seek out hotels that offer an engaging experience that’s worth sharing on social media. To capitalize on this growing trend, you will find many hotels creating an indoor experience that replicates the world outside complete with lush green trees, serene waterscapes, and wide walking paths. The interior of the Fairmount Hotel Austin is a great example of an immersive hotel. The interior is a beautiful park-like setting complete with wide open spaces.

Functional Lobbies

Lobbies are no longer the place to just meet and greet. After all, today’s social-oriented guest doesn’t prefer to work in their hotel room all day. They want lobbies to be functional with private spaces, comfortable seating areas and Wi-Fi access so they can hang out and work from anywhere. The Ace Hotel in New York City is a favorite among young professionals and entrepreneurs alike. There is plenty of space for those who prefer to work and mingle in the lobby or grab a quick drink or bite to eat at the bar. It features a modern décor with plenty of comfy chairs and couches. There are also communal tables for socializing and music and art with complimentary wi-fi, of course.

Smart Hotel Rooms

Your standard corporate-style hotel room with cable television is no longer enough to satisfy business and luxury travelers who carry a smart phone with them everywhere they go. Hotels are now innovating smart technology paired with luxury amenities that make hotel rooms more like a home away from home. With upscale bedding, in-room kitchenettes, modern décor and on-demand television that streams Netflix, YouTube and other popular services. Hilton even allows guests to use their smartphone to check in, unlock their room door and check out at selected properties. You can expect other hotels to expand their technology offerings as well.

Hotel Construction OrlandoNeighborhood Friendly

Hotel guests are no longer interested in staying in hotels far and away from the city center. These environmentally conscious consumers prefer to feel like a local when visiting a hotel in a distant city. They want to be able to walk around the neighborhood and socialize with residents. New hotels are being constructed in trendy neighborhoods that are close to popular restaurants, bars, shopping and nightlife. The new Foundation Hotel recently opened in Downtown Detroit with rave reviews from both guests and locals. This historic building was once a firehouse and its location in the heart of the city appeals to the modern hotel guest who wants to mix with the local scene.

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