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5 Tips for Planning a Successful Commercial Construction Project

Any commercial construction project requires careful planning and coordination to achieve the desired results. It doesn’t matter if this is the first project for your organization or one of many. There are many variables, including labor, materials, costs, regulations, and compliance, for example, that make planning an essential part of any construction project. Fortunately, there are several tips you can use to plan a successful commercial construction project.

Define Scope of Project

Defining the scope of your commercial construction project is the foundation for success. Whether you are remodeling an office, relocating to a larger facility, or constructing a free-standing restaurant, it all starts with a plan. Your project scope should outline the work that will need to be completed, including its purpose, goals, and importance to your organization. It should also include the project requirements, deliverables, and completion dates for milestones.

commercial construction architectHire an Architect

Hiring an architect at the very beginning of the project will help you avoid making costly mistakes. The architect will draw on their years of experience to provide professional insight into making your vision a reality. The architect will also prepare the drawings and blueprints that your general contractor and sub-contractors will use throughout the construction process. You may also need to submit architectural plans to your local building planning department to obtain construction permits, financial approval, and insurance.

Consult with a Commercial Contractor

You don’t need architectural drawings to consult with a commercial contractor, but it helps. Having a defined scope and blueprints for your project takes a lot of the guesswork out of estimating. Some full-service general contractors like New Horizon Construction Services provide architectural services and can create the required documents and scope of work for your construction project. When you meet with a general contractor, take the time to ask plenty of questions. You will also want to review their portfolio; understand their delivery methods and any other services they can offer for completing your project.

Plan Budget

You will need to develop a realistic budget for your commercial project. The budget should reflect the most you are willing to spend on your project. Your general contractor can give you a ballpark estimate and let you know if your project is feasible with your budget. You will also need to determine if your company is going to use existing capital or obtain financing to fund the construction project.

Construction Team and ClientStay in the Loop

It is important to communicate frequently with your general contractor and other project stakeholders. Scheduling weekly meetings or telephone calls with your commercial contractor will eliminate surprises and provide faster decision-making and resolution to any issues that arise during the construction process. We provide our clients with a single point-of-contact to keep everyone in the loop.

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