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Implementing Sustainability Initiatives in Your Corporate Facility

Sustainability Concept CorporateImplementing sustainability initiatives in your corporate facility requires stakeholders to embrace those practices and principles designed to boost the active preservation of the environment, while at the same time promising attractive financial gains. These initiatives can enhance your business operations, regardless of your industry, products or services and increase your standing in the community as a steward of the environment.

Sustainability is a vast area that can serve as a critical tool that can be used as a competitive advantage to add value to your organization.

Go Paperless

This idea almost seems insignificant given the digital era. The prominence of cloud storage, digital payments, and direct deposit has rapidly decreased the need for printers and papers in the workplace for the past two decades. But offices today still rely on copiers and printers to produce reports and other essential documents. Make sure your corporate facility uses multi-function devices instead of stand-alone copiers and printers. Encourage employees to scan documents to file or email rather than print, whenever possible.

Unplug Appliances

Powering down your devices before leaving your office is not always enough because they still consume power when plugged in. This is known as standby power. And it can become a considerable expense for your organization if left unaddressed. Just think of all the smartphones, laptops and other devices that are left plugged in at your facility. This low power consumption can add up quickly depending on the number of devices and employees in your facility. Remind employees in your corporate facility to always unplug their devices, laptops, and monitors before leaving the office.

Install Motion-Activated Lights

Improve energy efficiency in your workplace by switching to motion-activated light switches. These switches are best suited for conference rooms and restrooms. Rather than counting on your employees to always switch off the lights after leaving these rooms, motion-activated will automate the entire process, thus automatically saving energy.

Create Weekly and Monthly Green Challenges

Having weekly and monthly green challenges can be an excellent way of encouraging employees to go green through competition. For example, you can create different green challenges, e.g., going a whole month with no plastic eating utensils in the office, and rewarding those who complete the challenges with small prizes like coffee mugs or gift cards, for example.

Embrace Solar Energy

Green power sources, like solar energy, are more affordable than ever. Solar energy reduces energy bills by selling unused power in your facility back to the energy utility. Your corporate facility can make the switch to solar to save on escalating energy bills.

Switch to Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Sustainability Options for Businesses

Use natural commercial cleaning products to clean your facility. And if you hire an outside cleaning firm for your facility, make sure they use eco-friendly cleaning products as well.

Bring Nature Indoors

Did you know that keeping plants in your office environment helps in cleaning the air and improving the mood of your employees? You can use plants as decorations for an office desk, especially succulent plants. Cactus, bamboo, palm and fig trees can add color and life to your corporate facility.

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