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5 Best Practices for Successful Commercial Construction Projects

Getting a commercial construction project off the ground can be a daunting process. Many moving parts need to work together with your commercial contractor, including skilled labor, materials, and equipment. It also takes financial resources and a commitment from business owners, developers, and stakeholders that will be involved with the project.  To help ensure your... Read more

What Goes into Calculating Commercial Construction Cost

With a growing economy, there has been an increase in commercial construction projects throughout the U. S. The cost of construction rose 5.7% in 2018; with Chicago, Portland and San Francisco incurring the most gains, according to the Rider Levett Bucknall Quarterly Construction Report for North America. The increase in cost was primarily due to... Read more

5 Construction Tips for Office Planning and Layout

To a large extent, your employees will determine the future of the success of your company. And your office layout is a significant contributing factor. It can also affect the overall health and mood of your employees, which determines productivity. And a more productive office will boost the bottom-line. So, whether you are constructing a new office or remodeling an existing layout, here... Read more

Building Up or Out: Which Is Cheaper?

To build up or out. That is the question many business owners and commercial developers have in mind for new construction and renovation projects. In real estate square footage is king: the more you have, the more valuable the real estate. But construction can be expensive, so being able to maximize every construction dollar is key. Building up is often the more... Read more

What is an Office Fit Out?

Any owner looking for space to establish or relocate a business has likely encountered properties that will build or lease to suit or office fit-out included. While the building may look complete on the outside, it is not in move-in ready condition. An office fit out is the final construction that uses the specs defined... Read more

4 Tips for Controlling Commercial Construction Costs

A commercial construction project is one of the most complicated tasks to manage. There are many variables to consider, such as workspaces, lighting, energy efficiency, and ADA requirements, to name a few. And whether you’re a business owner, project manager or property developer, your goals are the same: To keep the project on schedule, ensure... Read more

4 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Office Space

While commercial remodeling may cost both time and money, investing in an updated environment can lead to better employee productivity and morale, as well as more favorable brand awareness. From the moment clients and even prospective clients walk through the door, they’ll be making mental evaluations about your business. Also, current employees and potential employees... Read more

Ways to Keep Your Commercial Building Out of the Red When Going Green

The number of green commercial building projects is rising. According to a recent 2018 SmartMarket report, nearly half of those participating in the survey are planning to go green in over 60% of their projects, a 20% increase. While many building owners understand the benefits of going green, there is still a perception that it... Read more

5 Tips for Planning a Successful Commercial Construction Project

Any commercial construction project requires careful planning and coordination to achieve the desired results. It doesn’t matter if this is the first project for your organization or one of many. There are many variables, including labor, materials, costs, regulations, and compliance, for example, that make planning an essential part of any construction project. Fortunately, there... Read more

Commercial Construction: Negotiated Vs Competitive Bid

When planning to build a commercial construction project, there are many variables involved and decisions that need to be made. And one of the most important decisions is deciding whether you are going to solicit a negotiated bid or a competitive bid. Generally, the construction client will begin a relationship with an architect who will... Read more

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