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5 Renovation Ideas for Your Business in 2020

It’s a new year, a new decade – the perfect time to update your business for the 21st century. The further we get from the early 2000s, the more outdated your business will look. Whether you have a restaurant, retail store, office, or any other type of business, a renovation will make your space more inviting and functional for employees, visitors, and customers. Here are five renovation ideas that will have a positive impact on your business in 2020.

Interior building painting in Orlando, fl Painting

Most people are visually oriented and see with their eyes first. Painting the interior and exterior walls will give your business a fresh new appearance. A fresh coat of paint will also set the mood, make your office look brighter and more inviting. It will also give employees, visitors, and customers a positive first impression. You can use your logo or company colors to incorporate an aesthetically pleasing color palette into your painting scheme. Also, you may want to consider refreshing an outdated logo with a more modern design.


Proper lighting is essential for the health and well-being of employees.  It can also make your establishment look more attractive. When renovating your office or any other type of business, replace your old incandescent light fixtures with energy-efficient LED lighting. These “green” lighting systems produce light that is similar to sunlight without the harmful UV effects, of course. They also burn cooler, reducing the load on HVAC systems.



LED lights can also be configured to different colors, wavelengths, and temperatures giving business owners the ability to control the lighting precisely. Studies have shown that LED lighting can also improve mental alertness, mood, and reduce seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Floor Construction Services in orlando, fl


When renovating your business, don’t forget about the floors. Installing new modern flooring will make your business look more professional. There are a variety of commercial flooring types, including carpeting, laminate, porcelain, and wood, for example, to choose. Polished concrete is a popular type of flooring in many restaurants, retailers, office buildings, and industrial businesses. However, some types of flooring work better in high traffic areas than others, so keep that in mind when choosing the flooring for your business renovation.


Incorporating ergonomic furniture promotes a healthier and safer working environment for employees, especially if their job function requires sitting behind a desk for most of the day. Ergonomic desks and chairs are user-adjustable so that the employee can work comfortably with better posture reducing musculoskeletal disorders.  They are available in a variety of attractive designs, colors, and styles that will also enhance the appearance of the workplace.

Breakout Space

Breakout spaces have become increasingly popular among larger companies and are starting to catch on in small companies too. These casual spaces give employees a quiet place to gather their thoughts and relax for a few minutes during a busy workday. It also fosters the communal spirit where employees can gather to exchange ideas. Including a breakout space in your office renovation will not only be a welcoming experience for employees, but it can also help improve motivation, productivity, and efficiency.

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