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Commercial Construction Delays & How to Avoid Them

Commercial construction projects are often complex and involve dozens of personnel, including subcontractors and vendors. It takes careful logistics planning and resource management skills to keep the project running smoothly. Here are some of the reasons that can delay a commercial construction project and how to avoid them. 

Commercial Construction Planning, Orlando FLHave a Plan

Having a plan is the foundation of success for any endeavor. That is especially true in the commercial construction industry. Whether you are planning a remodeling project or constructing a new building from the ground-up, creating a detailed plan is essential. Also, many construction delays occur due to tight timelines. Adverse weather conditions, change orders, building inspection issues, and material delivery delays can cause unexpected construction delays.  You can work with your general contractor to establish realistic timeframes in the construction schedule that they will be able to meet.

Prepare Budget & Obtain Funding

Preparing a realistic budget is just as important as establishing a realistic project timeline. If the budget is too low, there is a risk of running out of funds in the middle of your construction project, causing significant delays.  However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t look for ways to cut costs.

You can save money working with a general contractor that adheres to value engineering principles. With value engineering, your contractor will recommend similar materials that reduce construction costs without affecting the integrity of the build. Also, be sure to budget for contingencies and obtain funding approval in advance to avoid delays in getting your construction project off the ground. 

Hire an Experienced Commercial Contractor

It’s essential not only to hire an experienced commercial contractor, but one who has the expertise in completing projects similar to yours. For instance, a general contractor that specializes in residential construction can technically build a restaurant. However, they will most likely not complete it as efficiently as a contractor who has numerous restaurant projects under his belt. Many construction projects are often delayed due to inexperience, material delays, and labor shortages. When interviewing potential contractors, inquire about their experience, processes, and relationships with subcontractors and vendors.

Commercial Construction Project, Lake Buena Vista FLMinimize Change Orders

Change orders can be the Achilles heel of a construction project. Change orders are sometimes unavoidable, and your general contractor will usually be able to squeeze it into the schedule without causing a delay.  However, frequent change orders will not only result in more significant construction delays but also increase construction costs. Keeping change orders to a minimum will help keep your construction project on schedule.

Weekly Status Meetings

There are a lot of moving parts in any commercial construction project. A lack of communication that doesn’t immediately resolve issues can cause delays that would otherwise be avoidable. You should have a status meeting with your construction project manager at least once per week to make sure any issues are resolved as quickly as possible will help keep your project on track.