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Trendy Design Ideas for your Commercial Bathroom

The institutional look and feel of commercial bathrooms are being replaced by trendy designs that are warm and inviting with the comforts of home. When designing a bathroom for a business establishment, you need to consider the traffic volume, space requirements, and the needs of employees and visitors. Maintaining clean and sanitary conditions is vital. So, minimize touchpoints and choose non-porous moisture and bacteria resistant materials that are stylish yet easy to clean and maintain.

Commercial Bathroom Construction in Orlando FlLight Fixtures

Lighting is critical to reducing slips and falls in commercial bathrooms, but it also wastes energy if the lights are on all day. Replacing incandescent bulbs with LED light fixtures significantly reduces energy costs. With a life span of approximately ten years or more, it also requires less frequent bulb replacements. There is also an assortment of designer wall sconces, flush mounts, and other trendy designs that will give your restroom a luxury appearance.

Bathroom Partitions

Designing a commercial bathroom doesn’t have to be boring. In addition to standard stainless-steel stall partitions, there are powder-coated options available in many aesthetically pleasing colors. It is a great way to incorporate your corporate color palette yet still maintain a clean and sanitary commercial bathroom.

Touch-Free Faucets

Installing touch-free faucets provides a more sanitary environment for the restroom guest, improves cleanliness, and conserves water. Install sinks and faucets with commercial-grade designer countertops that can accommodate multiple guests at the same time.

Hand Dryers Vs. Hand Towels

One issue of concern for many commercial bathrooms is slippery floors. The old method of the guest washing their hands and moving to a separate fixture to dry their hands is the primary factor. New water faucets with built-in high-speed hand dryers like the Dyson Airblade™ and the Bradley Wash Bar offer guests a touch-free wash and dry experience without leaving the sink. It is more convenient for the guest, is sanitary, and reduces janitorial costs. Also, many restaurants, hotels, and other upscale commercial establishments offer premium hand towels with waste receptacles under the sink to add a touch of luxury to their bathroom design. While many guests may prefer hand towels, it’s an added expense that also increases operating costs. You need to balance the needs of the guest and your budget to determine which option is best for your bathroom.

Commercial Bathroom Contractors in OrlandoWall Colors

Make your commercial bathrooms as visually appealing as the other areas of your commercial building. Incorporating similar wall colors, and other decorative elements in the bathroom will make it an integral part of your overall building design.

Automatic Air Fresheners

Installing automatic air fresheners helps keep your bathrooms smelling clean and fresh and improves the guest experience. It’s also one less task your janitorial crew will need to do when servicing the restroom.  These commercial systems automatically dispense a deodorizer that instantly removes bad odors in the air. They generally offer a range of up to 1,000 square feet, and you can choose from over a dozen aroma pleasing fragrances.

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