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5 Amenities That Hotel Guests Want the Most

The hospitality industry is more competitive than ever before. Hotel properties not only compete with other properties in the vicinity; there are now a growing number of short-term rentals that are competing for guests. When it comes to choosing where travelers stay, it’s not just the price, but the amenities that are often the deciding factor. Many guests are even willing to pay more to stay at a property with the amenities they desire. Here are five amenities that hotel guests want the most.

Hotel Construction in Orlando, FlFree WiFi

Today, business and leisure travelers have a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, which makes free high-speed WiFi a must-have in-room amenity for any hotel. It’s one amenity that hoteliers can no longer afford not to have. According to a recent OpenKey survey, over 98% of respondents expect high-speed WiFi in their hotel room. Also, hotels should ensure that they have a robust wireless connection throughout the property so guests will be able to stay in touch with clients, attend business meetings, and even stream their favorite entertainment without interruptions or encountering dead spots in their room or around the hotel property.

Luxury Bedding

When guests retire to the hotel room, they want comfortable bedding so they can relax in front of the television, get a good night’s sleep, and wake up refreshed. It’s why having luxury bedding topped the must-have amenity list of the PWC Consumer Intelligence Series Report. Guests will rate their hotel stay based mostly on their in-room experience.



Hotel rooms that feature premium bedding that includes plush pillows, high thread count cotton linens, and pillow-top mattresses will get high ratings from guests. One of the pioneers of the premium in-room bedding concept was the Marriott hotel chain. It was so successful that guests wanted to buy it and take it home. It is now one of the top-selling luxury brands.

Free Parking

One of the most common complaints hotel guests have is having to pay for hotel parking or parking in an off-site garage. That’s why many guests consider complimentary onsite parking a must-have hotel amenity. Many guests seek out hotels that offer free parking, and many luxury properties are starting to take notice. A growing number of luxury hotels are now offering guests a choice between complimentary self-parking and a valet parking service for a fee.

Hot and Cold Breakfast BarRetail store renovation in orlando , fl

The complimentary breakfast bar ranks as one of the most sought-after hotel amenities, according to Lodging Magazine.  However, hotel guests are tired of the limited options of a continental breakfast bar that has been the mainstay for years. Hotel guests want a more innovative array of hot and cold breakfast choices that they can either grab and go or dine at the table. Hotels that offer an innovative complimentary breakfast experience will rise and shine with guests.

Deep Cleaned Hotel Rooms

Health-conscious consumers are a growing trend in the hospitality market. The Global Wellness Institute finds wellness travel is a $639 billion industry that is increasing at a rate of 6.5%. With the recent Covid-19 global pandemic, consumer demand for hotel rooms that use deep-cleaning techniques such as air purifiers and high ozone shock treatment to eliminate bacteria and viruses is going to rise. Hotel brands, including Hilton and Ritz Carlton, are now offering Pure Wellness hotel rooms for their health-conscious guests.