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Budgeting Tips For Commercial Capital Improvement Projects

Capital improvement projects are often necessary to extend the life of a commercial property. They also increase the value of your property for eventual resale. However, without a defined budget, these capital improvement projects can quickly become unmanageably expensive. Putting together a detailed financial plan ahead of time can help you stay on track financially... Read more

How To Avoid Delays During Your Commercial Construction Project

Commercial construction projects are very complex, and even a small setback can lead to major delays. With so many subcontractors, vendors, and other parties involved, there are plenty of moving parts to juggle, and things can change at a moment’s notice. However, there are things you can do to prevent delays during a commercial construction... Read more

How To Find A General Contractor For Your Next Hotel Project

A reliable general contractor is one of the most important factors for any hotel renovation. You’ll need someone you can trust to bring your vision to life while retaining the character of the existing building. Finding the right general contractor for your project can be tricky – here’s what to keep in mind as you... Read more

5 Amenities That Hotel Guests Want the Most

The hospitality industry is more competitive than ever before. Hotel properties not only compete with other properties in the vicinity; there are now a growing number of short-term rentals that are competing for guests. When it comes to choosing where travelers stay, it’s not just the price, but the amenities that are often the deciding... Read more

Commercial Construction Delays & How to Avoid Them

Commercial construction projects are often complex and involve dozens of personnel, including subcontractors and vendors. It takes careful logistics planning and resource management skills to keep the project running smoothly. Here are some of the reasons that can delay a commercial construction project and how to avoid them.  Have a Plan Having a plan is... Read more

Building Restoration vs. Renovation vs. Remodel

In the building industry, many construction terms can be confusing to those outside of the industry. For example, building restoration, renovation, and remodel are often used interchangeably but are different types of construction projects. You may be wondering why it matters?  It comes down to one word – communication. It affects everything from the initial... Read more

How Windows in the Office Boost Performance

Business owners shouldn’t underestimate the impact of windows in the office. Having access to natural light was the number one feature of many workers in a Future Workplace poll of more than 1,600 employees.  In study after study, we are learning that artificial light is not a suitable replacement for natural lighting. It can be detrimental... Read more

Trendy Design Ideas for your Commercial Bathroom

The institutional look and feel of commercial bathrooms are being replaced by trendy designs that are warm and inviting with the comforts of home. When designing a bathroom for a business establishment, you need to consider the traffic volume, space requirements, and the needs of employees and visitors. Maintaining clean and sanitary conditions is vital.... Read more

5 Reasons to Work with a Builder Specializing in Commercial Construction

In the commercial construction business, industry experience is essential for completing a successful project. Builders specialize in different types of construction projects such as residential, commercial, industrial, and government, for example. Could you hire a residential contractor to build a shopping center? You could, but there is a vast difference in terms of experience, equipment,... Read more

5 Retail Store Design Ideas That Sell

When opening a new retail store or remodeling an existing shop, you need a retail store design that attracts customers, maximizes selling space, and increases sales. Everything from the lights in your space to the colors on the wall to the way the merchandise is laid out will influence consumer’s buying decisions. To help put... Read more

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