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Trendy Design Ideas for your Commercial Bathroom

The institutional look and feel of commercial bathrooms are being replaced by trendy designs that are warm and inviting with the comforts of home. When designing a bathroom for a business establishment, you need to consider the traffic volume, space requirements, and the needs of employees and visitors. Maintaining clean and sanitary conditions is vital.... Read more

5 Reasons to Work with a Builder Specializing in Commercial Construction

In the commercial construction business, industry experience is essential for completing a successful project. Builders specialize in different types of construction projects such as residential, commercial, industrial, and government, for example. Could you hire a residential contractor to build a shopping center? You could, but there is a vast difference in terms of experience, equipment,... Read more

5 Retail Store Design Ideas That Sell

When opening a new retail store or remodeling an existing shop, you need a retail store design that attracts customers, maximizes selling space, and increases sales. Everything from the lights in your space to the colors on the wall to the way the merchandise is laid out will influence consumer’s buying decisions. To help put... Read more

5 Must-Know Hotel Renovation Tips

Renovating a hotel can be a complicated process, especially when you will continue to have guests checking in and out during the renovation. Not only do you need to plan the project, establish budgets, and manage resources, but you also must manage the guest experience. The following five tips will help hoteliers plan a more... Read more

5 Renovation Ideas for Your Business in 2020

It’s a new year, a new decade – the perfect time to update your business for the 21st century. The further we get from the early 2000s, the more outdated your business will look. Whether you have a restaurant, retail store, office, or any other type of business, a renovation will make your space more... Read more

7 Common Construction Questions Clients Ask

When you are planning a new commercial building or a renovation, it is crucial to ask plenty of questions. Since the commercial contractor will be responsible for the entire project, you not only want to know about their experience but what to expect during the process. To help you get started, here are the top... Read more

5 Secrets of a Well-Designed Restaurant

Do you ever wonder what makes one restaurant more successful than another? Of course, it needs to have excellent and consistent dishes. However, there is more to designing a restaurant than creating a fantastic menu. In addition to outstanding menu items, a successful restaurant is carefully designed with attention to the most minute details. The... Read more

The Importance of The Design Phase During Pre-Construction

There are several phases to a successful construction project, but the design phase is arguably the most important step in the process. It is where the stakeholders, architect, and general contractor meet to review the architectural drawings, construction documents, and budget before construction work begins. The design phase actually consists of four sub-phases, which include schematic... Read more

Uncovering Top 5 Hidden Commercial Construction Cost Overruns

When planning a commercial construction project, the estimated price is not always the cost of the project. There are many factors, including spec and design changes, material substitutions, and other unforeseen circumstances that can lead to cost overruns. Here are five ways you can minimize costly surprises when managing your construction project: Incomplete Specs Sometimes... Read more

What is the Timeline for a Design-Build Project?

Planning a design-build commercial construction project is much simpler than other delivery methods like cost-plus or hard-bid. It’s a turn-key delivery solution with the general contractor responsible for completing all phases of the project from design to build with input from the business owner. Since the business owner or project developer doesn’t have to hire... Read more

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