Fall Hazards In Commercial Construction

Keeping your team safe on the job is a key concern during any construction project. Falls are one of the biggest causes of injuries and deaths at construction sites each year. When setting up your construction site, it’s important to watch closely for any hazards that could cause a fall. Not only is this key to protecting your team members, but OSHA also requires construction sites to implement safety measures in order to prevent falls and other incidents. Here are some of the most dangerous fall hazards to watch for on commercial construction sites.

Saftey Planning and Gear, Lake Buena Vista FLLack of Safety Gear

Many falls on construction sites happen due to a lack of protective measures. Depending on the type of construction you are doing, you may need to implement guardrails, harnesses, nets, and more. These protective systems need to be properly installed and maintained throughout the project. When guardrails or harnesses aren’t installed properly, they can actually pose more safety risks for your team. Additionally, these protective systems will suffer natural wear and tear over time. Preemptive maintenance and replacement can help prevent dangerous falls on site.

Poorly Constructed Scaffolding

Scaffolding is often constructed very quickly, which can result in structures that are not safe to use. If scaffolding can’t support the weight of your workers and the materials they’re using, it can result in very serious falls. Scaffolding also needs to be wide enough to maneuver on and contain proper guardrails.

Tripping Hazards

Tools and other materials that are left out at a construction site can be extremely hazardous. Many construction sites are already cramped, so leaving even one item on the floor can quickly cause problems. To prevent this from happening, have a designated place for all tools and materials you’re using on the job. Any spills should be cleaned up immediately to reduce the risk of slipping.

Unfinished Roofs

Working on an unfinished roof is sometimes necessary, but it’s also a major cause of falls among construction teams. Unfinished roofs often have thin, unguarded edges that put workers just one wrong foot away from a fall. The risk is even higher when the roof is slanted or uneven. If your team does need to work on an unfinished roof, they should have harnesses and other forms of fall protection in place.

Aerial Lift Construction, Orlando FLAerial Lift Problems

Aerial lifts are often necessary for large construction projects where teams need to work several floors off the ground. However, if the lift isn’t set up properly, it could result in malfunctions that lead to falls. Additionally, it’s very important for your team to be fully trained on how to operate these aerial lifts. Even a small mistake while operating an aerial lift could lead to an accident,
which is why this is so important. When launching a commercial construction project, it’s important to be aware of these fall
hazards in order to prevent injuries. Following OSHA regulations is essential for safety throughout the construction site. At New Horizon Construction Services, we help our clients with a broad range of commercial construction projects. We are an Orlando-based general contractor with extensive experience in the industry. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, give us a call at 407-574-2164 or contact us through our website.

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