Medical Building Construction: How It’s Unique

Medical facilities are a key piece of infrastructure that every community needs. Medical buildings throughout the United States have a distinct look that often makes them instantly recognizable. There are a variety of specific challenges and requirements that developers must keep in mind when constructing medical buildings. Let’s take a look at some of the things that make medical construction unique.

Medical Office Building Commercial Construction in Marco Island FLIndustry Compliance Standards

Medical buildings must meet strict industry compliance standards. Many local governments also have their own requirements for medical buildings. Developers and contractors need to fully understand these requirements before they start building to avoid legal, ethical, and safety issues later on. Because of this, many developers look for contractors that specialize in medical work for these projects.

Individual Office Specifications

Another challenge pops up when constructing medical buildings is meeting the unique specifications for each provider in the building. One medical building might have suites for 10 different providers inside, and each provider needs different things in order to provide quality care. For example, an orthopedic doctor, a dentist, and a dermatologist are all going to need slightly different spaces. Building designs will need to accommodate different types of healthcare providers.

Future Changes

Because medical buildings are such an important part of any community, they need to be built to last for years. However, the medical industry can change rapidly in just a few years as technology evolves. This means that buildings need to be constructed with some space to adapt to new challenges.

Additionally, many medical complexes will eventually need to expand as the nearby population grows. Before construction starts, developers will need to consider how the building will be used and what is expected to change over the next few decades. Designing with future expansions in mind can be challenging, but it’s also necessary for the future success of the community.

On top of that, many medical providers are looking for buildings that are constructed sustainably. Climate change is a huge consideration right now, and buildings will need to be durable enough to handle severe weather events.

Patient Safety

Occupant safety is a huge concern in any building, but it’s particularly important in medical spaces. The entire building needs to be safe for everyone to navigate, regardless of mobility level. Additionally, medical spaces need to be built with sterile materials to prevent the spread of infection.

Medical Construction Services Sarasota, FLPatient Flow

During construction, developers will also need to consider the path that patients will take as they move through the space. Many medical centers see hundreds of patients a day, so it’s important to prevent bottlenecks and crowding. The building should be designed so that patients can move from the entrance to waiting rooms to treatment rooms seamlessly and without confusion.

These challenges make medical buildings different from other commercial building projects. At New Horizon Construction Services, we help our clients with medical construction projects as well as a variety of other commercial and public construction projects. We are an Orlando-based general contractor focused on quality and efficiency. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, give us a call at 407-574-2164 or contact us through our website.

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