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NHCS, LLC (New Horizon Construction Services) is a licensed, bonded and insured MBE General Contractor located in Central Florida. NHCS provides pre-construction, construction management, and construction services. New Horizon earned its reputation for excellence by exceeding clients’ expectations across a range of commercial and public projects.


General Contractor Quality Control and Performance

Subcontractors are the building blocks that shore up the foundation of most construction projects. And on any given day we have a variety of subcontractors working with us on projects throughout the country. These professionals are skilled craftsmen, tradesmen and service providers who become an integral part of our team.

Because subcontractor performance plays such an in important role on any construction site, we have an NHCS management team on every job site who continually monitor and evaluate the performance of our subcontractors to ensure they are maintaining our high quality standards. Our supervisors and superintendants review all subcontractor work for quality and accuracy on a daily basis and before signing off a job as complete.

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