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Is 3D Printing The Future For Construction?

Over the last few years, 3D printing has entered the construction conversation. As technology continues to advance, the possibility for the future seem to continue to grow. Videos surfaced the internet highlighting how 3D printing uses robots to lay concrete – unveiling affordable housing opportunities in the future.  But is this realistic? And at what... Read more

How Restaurant Design & Construction Works

The world’s most famous and profitable restaurants all started as a dream in someone’s head. Maybe you have a similar dream – a vision of an exciting restaurant that people love and flock to. That’s the right way to think. But before the dream can become a reality, a little planning is necessary, particularly in... Read more

Commercial Building Construction Sequence

Any type of building construction is preceded by various phases of a pre-construction process, such as financing and acquiring land. Once pre-construction is completed, the commercial building construction sequence is initiated. The sequence is a complete project roadmap dictating the methods and timeframe for executing the construction of a commercial building. It includes milestones, deliverables,... Read more

Creating The Perfect Floorplan

A new commercial building project is only as good as its design. A crucial part of that plan is creating the perfect floorplan to fit your company’s needs. You need to consider several things before you move forward with the project. Let’s investigate further. Understanding Your Floorplan Needs Creating an effective commercial floorplan begins with... Read more

Mold Growth in Commercial Buildings

Mold growing uncontrolled in a commercial building can turn into the operational nightmare of all nightmares. A mold outbreak can threaten the health of employees and customers, which can lead to litigation that can cripple even the most solvent businesses. New Horizon Construction Services of Groveland, FL, would like to share some critical information about... Read more

Tips to Reduce Energy Costs in a Commercial Building

Whether you own your building or lease it, saving money on commercial energy costs is probably high on your priority list. In some cases, the savings can come from establishing policies among your employees; you can also make some physical alterations that will result in less energy usage. New Horizon Construction Services of Groveland, FL,... Read more

Calculating The Cost of Commercial Renovations

As typically happens with growing companies, you’ll eventually need to expand your facility’s footprint. Calculating the cost of commercial renovations can feel overwhelming, as there is no single formula that can cover every minute detail of your expansion. Nevertheless, there are a handful of questions you can ask yourself to help you calculate the cost... Read more

How Much Office Space Do You Really Need?

Are you tired of leasing office space and paying exorbitant costs? Are you considering having your own stand-alone building built? This idea brings up the question- how much office space do you really need? It’s an important question to resolve before the foundation is laid. Here are some things to keep in mind concerning your... Read more

Innovative Techniques In Commercial Construction

How often do you go to a city, look up and are amazed at the architecture? With amazement and wonder try to imagine how the building was constructed. The years that a single structure took to complete. Today we see construction all around us. The time it takes to complete a building is mesmerizing. Architects,... Read more

Techniques Your Construction Company Can Use to Make Your Building More Energy Efficient

There’s more focus on energy efficiency than ever. Whether you’re building a home or commercial property, project managers and contractors use new technologies to reduce a structure’s environmental impact and boost energy efficiency. In this post, we look at how they accomplish this while keeping the comfort and well-being of the occupants in mind. Optimizing... Read more

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