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5 Ways to Save Money in Industrial Construction

Industrial Construction ProjectsIndustrial construction projects often require specialized skills and technology to meet precise specifications depending on the type of building to be constructed. Each type of building, such as a factory, warehouse, power plant, or any other kind of industrial facility requires specific industry knowledge and adherence to a host of federal, state, and local regulations. While these can increase costs, here are five ways to save money with your industrial construction project:

Plan Ahead

Developing an extensive plan will go a long way towards maximizing resources and minimizing construction costs. It is the foundation of any construction project. Also, industrial construction requires comprehensive building and technological skills, so it is imperative to be as detailed as possible. Some of the details that should be in the plan include the type of industrial facility, i.e., warehouse, factory, water plant, etc. that you are planning to build. Also, include details about site selection, budgeting and funding and any architectural drawings you may have. You should also create a punch list of must-have and like-to-have items. A well thought out, and documented master plan will make your initial meeting with an architect or general contractor more productive

Hire a Design-Build Contractor

Work with a design-build contractor that has experience building industrial facilities. Rather than hiring and managing different firms for architectural, engineering, and construction, you can save money by hiring a design-build industrial contractor. A design-build contractor manages and fulfills the entire construction process from initial design to construction to delivery under a single roof. This process also gives contractors economies of scale that produce real savings for the client. The client can save even more by reducing the need for change-orders and allowing the contractor to substitute less costly building materials without degrading the integrity of the build.

Leverage Technology

Industrial Constructions ProjectsThe introduction of innovative technology is reshaping the construction industry. Leveraging the latest technology, including drones and automated and semi-automated equipment will reduce labor costs and build time. More contractors are also deploying wearable technology that is improving safety at the construction site. Improving worksite safety reduces costs, delays, and workforce shortages associated with industrial construction accidents.

Prefabricated Building

Prefabricated buildings are one of the fastest-growing segments of the construction industry. The different sections of an industrial building are engineered and constructed in a factory. The finished sections are shipped and assembled on site. Prefabricated construction has improved to the point that it is virtually indistinguishable from traditional buildings. It is also as durable or more than conventional construction methods. Prefab construction saves money on labor costs and shortens the build time.

Green Construction

Using green construction materials in your industrial building where possible will not only save money but also will be a welcome addition to any community. An industrial contractor with experience in green construction will use eco-friendly materials without affecting the integrity of your facility. Some of these materials and systems may be recycled steel, recycled concrete, water reclamation systems, and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, to name a few.