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Making a Positive First Impression with Office Design

office design tipsThe expression, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression,” is one that is often used in the business world. When a prospective client walks into your office he or she will formulate an opinion of your business in just seven seconds. Whether that opinion is positive or negative is largely based on the overall design and atmosphere of your office.

Why your office design matters

We use most of our senses to create opinions about everything from the clothes we wear, to the foods we eat and even the appearance of an office. Office designs that are aesthetically appealing are more likely to positively influence a person’s decision than a cluttered, overrun space. A prospective employee will consider the surroundings to determine if the office is a good fit for their personality traits. And the office design can also affect the morale and productivity of employees in the workplace.

Making a positive impression

There are a variety of ways to create an office design that will make a positive first impression. But it all starts with your brand. What vibe do customers, employees and visitors have when they recognize your brand? Who is the audience that your brand is influencing? Is your brand appealing to a trendy, casual, elegant, romantic, energetic or some other type of audience? Once you identify your brand’s emotions and audience type, you can begin building an office design that incorporates features that appeal to your audience. But keep in mind that brands rarely cater to a singular audience. So most likely you will be identifying up to three audience traits. For example, if you own a real estate office that caters to mostly upscale or high net-worth clients, your office design needs to appeal to that audience. You might incorporate real wood flooring, mahogany office furniture, executive office chairs, live green plants, luxurious seating and appealing artwork. You might even incorporate some of the amenities typically found in an upscale home like a luxury sink and upscale rest rooms that signifies that you understand your audience. Your office design needs to match the type of audience your brand is appealing to.

Office Design Tips

office reception inviting designThe reception area is the heart of your organization. Its aesthetics not only elicits the tone, but also reflects the organization’s identity. When constructing or redesigning the reception area, it is important to incorporate some small details like a refined accent wall or artwork which are easily noticeable by a curious visitor. This helps in creating a unified space, very vital in creating a positive first impression. The reception space should therefore be one that is innovative, creative and professional.

Technology is a necessity in every office, and it too can help improve a company’s image. Integrated flat screens, for example, can be used to display pertinent information as well as entertain guests while waiting in the reception area. Thin laptops instead of large monitors allows employees to make eye contact with customers and visitors. It also helps make visitors feel they are not being ignored.

Flooring can also be used to enhance a brand and office. Customized logos and patterned tiling can be used to add style, functionality, and comfort that looks clean and impressive. The use of appropriate lighting and ventilation also boosts the impact of a first impression. This can also create a certain sense of open-ended ideas, creativity, and happiness in the workplace.

If you’re ready to improve your office, our creative professionals are here to help. We have the knowledge and experience to create a custom office design that will be sure to create a positive first impression that will allow your business to reach greater heights.

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