Ways to Keep Your Commercial Building Out of the Red When Going Green

The number of green commercial building projects is rising. According to a recent 2018 SmartMarket report, nearly half of those participating in the survey are planning to go green in over 60% of their projects, a 20% increase. While many building owners understand the benefits of going green, there is still a perception that it... Read more

5 Tips for Planning a Successful Commercial Construction Project

Any commercial construction project requires careful planning and coordination to achieve the desired results. It doesn’t matter if this is the first project for your organization or one of many. There are many variables, including labor, materials, costs, regulations, and compliance, for example, that make planning an essential part of any construction project. Fortunately, there... Read more

Commercial Construction: Negotiated Vs Competitive Bid

When planning to build a commercial construction project, there are many variables involved and decisions that need to be made. And one of the most important decisions is deciding whether you are going to solicit a negotiated bid or a competitive bid. Generally, the construction client will begin a relationship with an architect who will... Read more

5 Tips for Lighting a Modern Workspace

Lights are more than a primary means for illuminating a space. The type of lighting and the levels of artificial versus natural lighting in an environment can impact the health and productivity of employees. Several research studies have shown that office lighting affects workers physiologically. Most notably, an online survey of more than 7,000 employees... Read more

Why You Need Pre-Construction Services for Your Commercial Project

It’s no secret that planning is the foundation of success. And the same is true for a commercial construction project. That’s why pre-construction services are so essential. So, what are pre-construction services? Pre-construction services is the development of the scope of work for the entire commercial project. It outlines the materials, drawings, equipment, manpower and... Read more

Implementing Sustainability Initiatives in Your Corporate Facility

Implementing sustainability initiatives in your corporate facility requires stakeholders to embrace those practices and principles designed to boost the active preservation of the environment, while at the same time promising attractive financial gains. These initiatives can enhance your business operations, regardless of your industry, products or services and increase your standing in the community as... Read more

5 Common Types of Commercial Construction Project

With more than $10T spent on goods and services and more than 10 million workers, the U.S. construction market is one of the largest in the world. And there are a variety of commercial construction projects from government and industrial to office and retail. Each requiring a specific skill set to bring a project to... Read more

5 Signs It’s Time to Remodel Your Office Space

Your office space says a lot about your company. And depending on its appearance, it can be a sign of a successful company or one that looks like it’s on the brink of going out of business. This can have a dramatic impact on your employee morale and overall bottom-line. Walk around your office and... Read more

Top 4 Hotel Design Trends for 2019

To understand the hotel business today and its future direction, you need to look no further than the largest demographic group of guests. And that group is the millennial. The millennials are the biggest spenders in virtually every segment of the economy, including the business and luxury hotel segment. Hoteliers around the country will be... Read more

What is Commercial Modular Construction?

Rising costs has always been a big factor in commercial construction projects. It affects the entire construction cycle including labor, materials, and delivery. Labor shortages, bad weather and delivery delays can be a major disruption that can add tens of thousands of dollars in unexpected cost overruns to an entire project. In extreme cases, the project can run out of money before it’s complete. But... Read more

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