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Why Natural Light Is the Most Prized Office Perk

In the past, when building owners planned commercial buildings and other types of facilities the focus was often on making sure the building had plenty of light from a safety and cost-effective standpoint. As a result, much of the building was flooded with artificial lighting. Natural light was reserved for the few who were fortunate... Read more

6 New Materials That Are Changing Commercial Construction

The construction industry is always looking for innovative methods that will enable them to build faster, safer and more sustainable buildings. And in addition to advancements in building technology, these six new materials will have a positive impact on future commercial construction projects. Self-Healing Concrete Concrete is known for its strength and durability. But as... Read more

3 Reasons to Reach Out to Your General Contractor During the Commercial Construction Process

Many companies understand the role of a general contractor, but did you know that they can be an invaluable resource in the beginning of the commercial construction process? General contractors are deeply involved in all facets of the construction process. Unfortunately, many project owners don’t develop a relationship with contractors early enough in the process.... Read more

Surviving A Commercial Construction Project

Growth stages are good for any business.  They signal a time when new equipment can be purchased and new employees hired.  Facility relocations and the building of new facilities happen during growth stages.  Another common project that happens during times of positive cash flow is complete or partial renovation of existing spaces. If a renovation will solve current challenges, it’s usually a smarter move than... Read more

7 Commercial Construction Tips for Office Renovation

A full or partial office renovation can solve a lot of challenges and open up new vistas of opportunity.  There are as many reasons to reconfigure your office area as there are companies considering an office renovation.  Whatever your objectives, there are a few things you should consider prior to moving forward. 1. Get input Before launching a renovation project, make sure the key decision-makers... Read more

5 Commercial Construction Trends for 2018

There are several exciting emerging trends that are reshaping the construction industry on and off the jobsite. As you may expect, technology is leading the charge. But there are others too that will not only change the way commercial structures are built, but what types of materials are being used as well. From reducing labor shortages to improving safety, and lowering construction... Read more

4 Commercial Construction Trends for Restaurant and Food Service Projects

The restaurant and food service industries are undergoing a renaissance of sorts to meet the changing tastes of today’s diner. You can say it’s out with the old and in with the new. And to avoid being a relic of the past, restaurants from fast-casual to fine dining are renovating, and in some cases reinventing themselves, to attract the next generation of restaurant consumers. Diners... Read more

What are Pre-Construction Services?

Most business owners will ask their commercial contractor to provide a cost estimate based on their delivery method when planning a construction project. A construction estimate will let you know the funds you will need to complete your project. But what impact will construction design, engineering, furnishings and other criteria have on your construction project? Preconstruction services answers these and other important questions by... Read more

6 Important Things to Consider Before Hiring a Commercial Contractor

Whether you are hiring an employee to fill a position, or a general contractor for a commercial construction project, you want to make sure your hiring the best candidate for the job.  And to help ensure your commercial project is completed on time and within budget, here are 6 important things you should consider before hiring a commercial contractor for your construction project. License Just because your state... Read more

How to Organize a Commercial Construction Project

Commercial construction projects are often a complicated process. There are a lot of moving parts including vendors, equipment and contractors running around a construction site. You may also have government inspectors from different agencies in your local jurisdiction making sure the site is safe and is within code limits. But even the most complicated commercial projects can be drilled down to a manageable series of steps. By... Read more

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