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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring A Commercial Contractor

Choosing a commercial contractor for your construction project is not as easy as it may appear. There is a lot more work involved than simply asking for a quote. Whether you are constructing a brand-new office building, renovating a shopping mall, or remodeling a restaurant, the success of your project will require due diligence and... Read more

5 Types of Commercial Construction Buildings

Building commercial properties require a commercial contractor with critical skills. These skills are essential for executing the project from design to build. Commercial buildings are also revenue-generating properties, so the general contractor must be able to create a space that maximizes revenue while staying within established budgets. Let’s take a closer look at the five... Read more

Key Facts About the Commercial Construction Industry

When you look around in any major city in the country, you will notice a variety of commercial construction projects under development. A new office building here, a renovated shopping center over there, and a variety of other commercial establishments in between. It’s not just a sign of a healthy economy, but a growing business... Read more

Why Your Project Needs a Commercial Contractor

While you may not need a commercial contractor when just painting the outside of your building, you will need one for most construction projects like remodeling, renovations, modifying floorplans and buildouts, for example. A licensed commercial contractor provides valuable expertise that can ensure your project is completed on time and within budget. Some of the... Read more

5 Reasons to Renovate Your Commercial Building

Many business owners are renovating their commercial building to make it more competitive in today’s dynamic marketplace. It’s also a less costly alternative to relocation, especially when you are in a desirable location and don’t need additional square footage. Many older buildings have a lot of wasted space from inefficient floor plans that restrict traffic... Read more

Commercial Building Renovation While Tenant Occupied

Many commercial buildings, like office buildings, medical centers, and hotels, can be renovated while tenants or guests are occupying space. Renovating a commercial building while it is tenant-occupied (when possible) makes a lot of sense. It can reduce income loss, lowering the total cost of the renovation project resulting in a faster return on investment.... Read more

9 Steps to Constructing Your Commercial Building

With the economy in full swing, many companies are planning commercial construction projects. It is forecast that 2019 total construction starts will come in around $808B, about the same level as the previous year, according to Dodge Data & Analytics. The high volume of construction has contributed to an increase in the demand for skilled... Read more

5 Ways to Save Money in Industrial Construction

Industrial construction projects often require specialized skills and technology to meet precise specifications depending on the type of building to be constructed. Each type of building, such as a factory, warehouse, power plant, or any other kind of industrial facility requires specific industry knowledge and adherence to a host of federal, state, and local regulations.... Read more

5 Ways to Renovate Your Restaurant That Will Boost Revenue

Every successful restauranteur remembers the excitement of opening the doors on that very first day. It was also a time when your dining room was buzzing with happy customers enjoying a night out with their family and friends. But those days are gone, and you are left pondering where they went. After all, nothing has... Read more

Why You Should Hire a Commercial General Contractor

A commercial general contractor has all the resources, skills, workforce, and equipment under a single roof. A general contractor has also established relationships with a variety of vendors and subcontractors. It’s a lot more efficient and cost-effective than trying to source everything on your own. Whether you are renovating a small restaurant or retail store... Read more

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