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3 Reasons Why Office Space Planning is Important

Office renovation in OrlandoBusinesses are constantly evolving whether it’s through re-organization, downsizing or expansion. And many office spaces and commercial establishments may not be as efficient as they could.  This often impacts the way employees work and communicate in the workplace.

What can you do as a business owner to maximize productivity and efficiency? One effective solution is better office space planning. Let’s look at the importance of office space planning and how you can use it to get the most out of your business.

Boost Employee Productivity

A well-planned office space can boost productivity.  A cramped and cluttered office environment makes employees feel overwhelmed leading to a loss in morale. Maximizing the use of space with the right furniture enables employees to better focus on their job function. Even if you have a small office, a little planning goes a long way to creating a more productive working environment. For instance, some employee job descriptions may require privacy. For others, collaboration is best. That’s where proper office planning comes into play. It allows you to create an office environment that maximizes efficiency and productivity.

Better Use of Existing Space

By taking the time to plan your office, you can find new and better ways of working together; ways you may never imagined. For instance, you may have space constraints due to haphazardly placed furnishings. Or, you may find that you have too many work desks grouped together that are causing privacy concerns. You can evaluate the space and install furniture, partitions and other furnishings that best fits your space while creating extra room for other important needs. You can find and open any under-utilized areas, and allocate space for office equipment, additional work areas, private offices, and other uses. You can also hire a commercial contractor with experience in office space planning to improve your current working environment. By remodeling an inefficient office, you can create a workspace where employees can freely interact with each other, share ideas and boost morale.

General Construction in TampaIncreased Health and Safety of Employees

Studies have proven that an office with poor lighting and ventilation can cause headaches and drowsiness leading to worker fatigue, low morale and sick days.  In fact, more than two-thirds of employees participating in an American Society of Interior Design study indicated that lighting was a problem in their office. That’s why its important that any type of office planning consider lighting in the office. Offices should be planned in such a way that it delivers optimal lighting for employees throughout the work day. One quick fix is to replace any traditional incandescent fixtures with LED lighting. This will not only save the company thousands of dollars per year on energy costs but will keep the office temperature considerably cooler. Also, LED lights more closely resemble natural light which can help to reduce eye strain and fatigue while boosting productivity and morale. In addition, office planning should also consider the impact of the colors and noise level on the current office environment and consider changes that will optimize productivity.

Better office space planning yields better results. Contact New Horizon Construction Services to learn how we can help you maximize efficiency and productivity in your office.