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Ways to Give Your Commercial Building More Curb Appeal

It’s not the age of a commercial building, it’s the exterior appearance that can either be an attractor or a detractor. If your building looks run down, tenants, customers and employees may look elsewhere. But regardless when your commercial building was originally constructed, here are 5 ways you can boost its curb appeal and bring it up-to-date with modern design trends.

Pressure Clean Exterior Walls and Windows

power wash windows and walkwaysWhen the surface is embedded with layers of dirt and grime, the exterior looks dull and run down. This gives visitors, guests and employees a negative perception of your business. Pressure cleaning the exterior walls and windows is an easy and inexpensive way to instantly boost the curb appeal of your commercial building. It will also have a like-new appearance that will also improve employee morale.

Re-Paint the Building Exterior

If its been more than ten years since your building was painted, it may look out of touch with the new modern designs. Every decade tastes and preferences change and that means different color palettes too. Re-painting the building’s exterior in a modern color scheme with a contrasting color trim will give it a fresh, clean appearance that will also enhance its curb appeal.

Professional Landscaped Grounds

Landscaping gives commercial building owners and operators a way to introduce color and natural beauty into the design. Manicured lawns that are professionally landscaped with shaped trees, colorful plants and perennials and other natural elements will do more than just boost curb appeal. It will also set your building apart from other nearby businesses.

Attractive Lighting Fixtures

professional business landscaping

Lighting fixtures do more than just light up the business at night, its trendy designs and unique shapes can make a bold statement that becomes part of your brand image day and night. For example, Hershey’s Chocolate World in Hershey, Pennsylvania features old fashioned style light poles topped with custom light fixtures in the shape of a Chocolate Kiss, its signature product. Not only do these light fixtures serve a utility purpose, they also reinforce the brand. Installing attractive exterior lighting fixtures is a great way to improve curb appeal.

Creative Pedestrian Walkways

Pedestrian walkways are the gateway to your business. It’s the road customers, suppliers, guests and employees will use to enter the building every day. Cracked and broken pedestrian walkways not only detract from your commercial building, they can be a liability if someone should slip and fall. Taking the time to be creative with attractive, user-friendly ADA compliant, and slip-resistant pedestrian walkways will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your commercial building and the safety of your guests.

The creative design professionals at New Horizon Construction Services can bring your commercial building back to life. Call today and see what we can do for you.

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