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What’s the Difference Between Design Build and Traditional Construction?

Regarding construction projects, there are two primary methods: design build method and traditional construction. Both have advantages and disadvantages; in this post, we’ll discuss the differences and their pros and cons, and how to decide which method is right for you.

expert construction team, fort myers fl Design Build

Design build is a project delivery method in which a single design-build team handles the design and construction. With this method, the owner enters the contract with the team that includes designers, engineers, and construction professionals who collaborate on the project. This method has grown more popular recently because it provides faster construction times, better communication between team members, and cost savings.

However, one of the most significant benefits of design builds is that it streamlines the construction process, as the design and construction phases overlap. This means that the construction can begin before the design is finished, reducing the time to complete the project.

Another advantage of design build is the cost savings. By working with a single entity (the design-build team), the owner can save money on design fees because the design and construction team works together to determine the most cost-effective solutions to finish the project. Moreover, the team can provide input on the construction costs during the design phase, allowing the owner to make informed decisions about the budget and make changes on the fly.

However, design build also has disadvantages. For example, one of the biggest is the potential for conflicts of interest because the design team is responsible for the design and construction phases. Furthermore, the owner has limited control over the design process because the design team is entirely responsible for it. Finally, because the owner is working with only one entity, there’s no room for competition, as would be the case if they worked with multiple contractors.

Traditional Construction

With traditional construction, a project’s design and construction aspects are handled by different entities. The owner or project manager hires an architect or engineer to do the construction designs and then solicits bids from multiple contractors to complete the project.

One of the primary advantages of traditional construction is the competitive bidding process. Because the owner can solicit bids, they can get a better price than if they went with a single entity like a design-build team. Also, depending on how badly a contractor wants the job, they may offer additional perks to win it, which is better for the owner.

The main disadvantage of traditional construction is that it typically takes longer to complete a project than a design build because construction can’t begin until the design is finished. Additionally, there are sometimes communication difficulties between the designer and contractor, leading to conflicts and more delays.

Regarding cost, traditional construction is typically more expensive because the owner is responsible for coordinating and managing multiple entities, which is more costly and time-consuming. Also, because multiple entities are involved, costs can go up if changes are needed during design or construction.

construction project experts, sarasota flHow to Choose Which Method Is Right For You

Both methods have benefits and drawbacks, and deciding if you’re in the beginning stage of a construction project can be challenging. Several factors to consider are the project’s size and complexity, the timeline, the budget, and how much control you want in the process.

Design build is best suited for smaller, less complex projects and shorter timelines, while traditional construction is best for more complex projects over longer periods. Also, if your budget is limited, design build is typically more cost-effective if you’re working on a small project. However, larger projects benefit from traditional construction, where contractors have to bid to get the job.

Finally, you must also consider the risk you’re willing to take. Design build puts more risk on the team, while traditional construction requires the project owner or manager to risk overseeing multiple entities to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget.

If you’re unsure which method to choose, it’s best to consult several professionals in the industry and get their professional recommendations.

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