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What is Design and Build Services?

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Construction is a massive project, regardless of whether you’re building a convenience store or a shopping mall. It involves a wide range of processes and overseeing dozens of contractors while trying to stick to your budget and deadlines. To make everything more manageable, the design-build construction delivery method has become increasingly popular as it cuts down on time, cost and the complexities of a construction project.

For any construction project, building owners and project managers are faced with one important crucial decision. Will you hire an architect and a building contractor separately, or will you hire a single general contractor to handle the entire project? Unlike the traditional project delivery method where the design process and construction projects are separated, design-build involves hiring a single contractor for the design and construction of your building. You won’t have to hire an architect to create design plans and other contractors to fulfill them; you’ll hire a single entity who will take care of everything that is required for a successful construction project. The design-build contractor takes full responsibility for designing, constructing and completing the project successfully within the agreed upon scope, time and budget.

Cost Effective

One of the most difficult parts of a commercial construction project is estimating the costs. This is especially true when you hire an architect for the design and another contractor to complete the build. If the cost of the project ends up being more than you planned, your contractor will give you ideas on reducing the cost of the project. You may then need to go back to the original architect to modify the plans accordingly. When you hire a design-build contractor, they will use your vision to estimate the cost of your entire project.

Work Directly with A General Contractor

The building owner works with a single general contractor who will be responsible for adhering to the budget, quality control, timing, scheduling, and job performance. This translates to well-defined responsibilities, maximum cost control and quick attention in case of any issues. The building owner is provided with a comprehensive project view, rather than getting pieces and bits from different sources.

A Streamlined Process

With so many moving parts its often difficult getting commercial projects off the ground. Building owners are generally not construction professionals so having to manage multiple contractors can be costly and inefficient. By hiring a design-build team for a commercial construction project, building owners can rely on industry professionals to manage the entire project from initial concept to final inspection and walk-thru. And since the general contractor is responsible for the entire project, there is reduced risk and minimal errors for building owners.

Better ResultsDesign Built in Florida

When you hire a design-build contractor building owners will work with architects and other sub-contractors that are most familiar with your general contractor. The architect may be in-house or a separate firm that frequently works directly with your general contractor. When you have this type of relationship, you often achieve better results for your construction project. It also makes modifications and other changes much easier and faster to complete without delaying the entire project while you go back and forth with different contractors.

The design-build delivery method is very advantageous for commercial property owners. It streamlines cost, reduces risk and allows for changes along the way. Just make sure that you choose a highly reputable, experienced and knowledgeable general contractor who will maximize the returns for your design-build investment.