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Create a Contemporary Reception Area for Your Business

design build renovating reception areaThe reception area is an extension of your business and is often the place where you will meet and greet employees, customers and visitors for the very first time. And this initial introduction to your business will create a long-lasting impression. According to recent research in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, first impressions not only last a whole lot longer than previously thought, it is extremely difficult to change regardless of the number of positive experiences an individual has.  So here’s how to create a contemporary reception area that will give visitors a positive impression of your business.

Color Psychology

There is more to choosing a color than many business owners may realize. Psychologists around the world have discovered that colors greatly influence our emotions, nerves and perceptions. And businesses that understand this relationship can unlock the power of colors to their advantage. For example, when many people see red they feel energetic. But it can also raise the heart rate in many individuals making them feel nervous and anxious. On the other hand, blue has a calming effect on many individuals and helps them feel cooler and more relaxed. So if you are considering painting the reception area of a dentist’s office, softer colors of blue will help keep patients calmer while waiting for their appointment.

White Space

When creating a contemporary reception area for your business, make sure there is plenty of white space. Avoid having too many pieces of art, furniture, plants and patterns in the room. The absence of clutter will give your reception area a clean look and feel that allows visitors to move around without bumping into other guests or objects.

Reception Desk

The reception desk is the center of attention that sets the tone for every visitor who arrives. And whether you choose a sleek U-shaped desk or an elegant L-shaped desk, its design should match the values of your brand. For instance a modern geometric reception desk will be a perfect fit for an architect or a creative agency. Meanwhile, a handsome mahogany desk will suit the reception area of any professional firm. Regardless of which reception desk you choose, it should be large enough to accommodate the administrative staff seated behind the desk. Also, they should be seated slightly elevated with the entire reception area in view.

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Once you have decided on the reception desk for your business, choosing the remaining furniture for the office is easier. The furniture should match both your brand and the style of your reception desk. Since individuals generally prefer their own space, having ample seating with individual chairs instead of couches will make guests feel more comfortable in the reception area. Also, neatly arrange furniture and seating to avoid appearing cluttered.


The type of flooring you choose will depend on the volume of traffic that you expect in the reception area. Many companies are choosing commercial vinyl flooring instead of carpeting in reception areas. Vinyl flooring is easier to clean, stands up to heavy traffic, and individual tiles can be replaced when necessary. Commercial vinyl flooring is available in a variety of beautiful colors and styles. Selecting neutral color flooring that offsets the furniture is the perfect finish for creating an inviting contemporary reception area for your business.

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