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5 Construction Technology Trends to Watch in 2019

When you think of construction, technology and robots don’t immediately come to mind. But that’s exactly the direction the industry is going. In fact, advancements in technology are occurring at such a rapid pace that it is already transforming the industry from the way buildings are designed to how they are built. Here are the top 5 construction trends to watch in 2019:

BIM Building Information Modeling New Horizon Construction LLC1. Building Information Modeling

There is no technology to date that has had a greater impact on revolutionizing the construction industry than Building Information Modeling or BIM. BIM is a software application process that integrates the characteristics of the project into 3D visual models. It allows all parties involved in the project to see what the finished product will look like before breaking ground. And since BIM software also includes all of the data points, construction engineers or anyone working on the project, can access this data to drill down for additional information such as materials, costs and other associated properties.

2. Drones

It is expected that the construction industry will deploy more drones within the next two years than any other industry, according to a research report by Goldman Sachs. Drones are being used in commercial construction to provide high-resolution aerial images of buildings for renovation and expansion, land surveys, new construction and to monitor the progress and performance of construction projects. Soon, drone usage will be common-place in virtually every construction project.

3. Robotics

While it is unlikely that robots will be replacing construction workers en masse any time soon, you are likely to see more robotic equipment being deployed in large-scale commercial construction sites. Robotics will take shape in many forms such as 3d printers, excavation and demolition equipment and autonomous vehicles. Robotics requires less manpower, increases safety and lowers the cost of the construction project.

4. Big Data Analytics

Sometimes it’s the tools you don’t see that has the biggest impact. And that is the case with the emerging use of Big Data Analytics throughout the construction industry. Technology runs on data – the zeros and ones and millions of lines of computer code embedded on chips and stored in software applications that reside in the cloud. They will not only provide the knowledge to make more informed decisions but will power everything from software applications to construction equipment.

Internet of Things IOT New Horizon Construction Services in Florida5. Internet of Things (IoT)

Thanks to nanotechnology we can now store lots of computer data on a wafer-thin chip that is roughly the size of a thumbnail. This enables them to be built into just about anything from worker’s clothes to smart phones and construction tools and equipment. And when connected to the Internet, IoT-enabled devices can be operated and tracked using GPS technology. This allows contractors to manage workers, equipment and materials throughout the construction site. Thus, minimizing downtime while maximizing the use of equipment to maintain the integrity of the construction project.

The technological advancements driving the construction industry forward is exciting. In the near future, constractors will be using a combination of building information modeling, robotics and IoT-enabled devices that will help them to deliver projects faster, safer, utilizing less manpower and at a lower cost.

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