Construction Industry Trends For 2022

The construction industry is constantly evolving to keep up with current events and consumer needs. With the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic changes that have come with it, we’ve seen the construction industry adjust and adapt over the last few years to keep up. As we move out of the pandemic and into a new era, construction spending is increasing and new trends are emerging. Here are some trends we’ve seen so far in 2022 that we expect to continue.

construction safety trends, naples flFocus on Jobsite Safety and Employee Health

One of the biggest trends we’ve seen over the past few years is a smaller workforce. This trend isn’t just happening in the construction industry – we’ve also seen it happen across the workforce as a whole, for a variety of reasons. This means that construction teams have had to rethink their working conditions to attract new employees to the field. Construction work has a reputation for being dangerous, but many employers are looking to change that with an increased focus on safety practices. Additionally, many employers are focusing more on their employees’ physical and mental health. When employees are happier on the job, it results in better quality work and better value for everyone involved.

New Sustainable Materials

Modern construction projects are putting an emphasis on sustainability and creating structures that are designed to last for generations. This means a newfound focus on sustainable materials such as engineered timber and ECC. These materials are very durable and minimize waste during the construction process. Advances in technology have also made recycled materials a more realistic option for many construction projects.

Smart Cities

Another way that technology is influencing construction is the rise of smart cities around the world. Smart cities use technology in a variety of ways to make structures safer, more efficient, and more comfortable for the people that use them. This often includes sensors and automated features to reduce energy use. While smart cities are an excellent investment in the future of our cities, they also make construction projects more complex in the interim.

popular construction, sarasota flSupply Chain Issues

Supply chain problems are affecting the entire world in many different industries, and construction is no exception. Many builders are struggling to get the materials they need, setting project timelines back much further than expected. Additionally, many valued materials have become more expensive, forcing builders to reassess their budgets and find creative solutions for their projects.

Modular Assembly

Modular assembly and pre-fabrication are trends that have made construction more efficient, especially as builders are struggling to staff their projects. With this strategy, building components are pre-assembled and then transported to a construction site. Pre-fabricated components often use 3D printing or other customization technology.

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