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Commercial Bathroom Remodel Tips and Ideas

Bathrooms are one of the most important components of commercial spaces, but unfortunately they are often neglected during remodeling projects. However, remodeling your bathrooms creates a better experience for both your customers and your employees. A sleek, clean bathroom makes your organization look more professional and shows that you care about providing a good visitor experience. Here are a few tips to help your commercial bathroom remodeling project run smoothly.

Shower remodeling for commercial construction in Fort Lauderdale FLImplement New Technology

One of the easiest ways to make your bathrooms more modern and inviting is to add new bathroom technology. There are several different types of new technology that you can add to each bathroom to create a cleaner and more convenient customer experience. Modern technology can also help you cut back on your water and electricity bills.

For example, electric hand dryers, soap dispensers, and automatic faucets all help to prevent waste in various forms. You can also add things like automatic lights and auto-flushing toilets. These sensor-powered technologies all prevent germs from spreading throughout the bathroom.

Opt For A Timeless Aesthetic

You don’t want to remodel your bathrooms only to have them go out of style in just a few years. When choosing materials and colors for your bathroom, opt for neutral, timeless styles that still look professional. You’ll also want to place the lighting in the bathroom strategically to create a cozy, welcoming feeling. If you’re struggling to decide what type of aesthetic to use for your bathroom, consider matching it to the rest of your office with a cohesive color palette and materials.

Pick Durable Materials

Bathrooms are one of the highest-traffic areas in any commercial building, so they’re going to experience some wear and tear over time. When selecting materials for your remodel, you’ll want to consider how long they’re going to last and how easy they are to replace if they do get damaged. More durable materials are going to be a better long-term investment for your organization.

Create A Space That’s Easy to Clean

In addition to choosing durable materials, you’ll also need to choose materials that are easy to clean. Bathrooms can get messy very quickly, so you’ll want to make the entire space as easy to clean as possible. When choosing materials, make sure they’re easy to wipe down and can handle exposure to large volumes of water. You’ll also want to keep cleanliness in mind when creating the layout of the bathroom – avoid nooks and crannies that will be too difficult to reach.

Hotel Bathroom Remodeling in Lake Buena Vista FLConsider Accessibility

It’s important for your bathrooms to be accessible to all types of visitors and meet ADA standards. You’ll want to ensure that your stalls are large enough to accommodate people of all shapes and sizes, and that the floors aren’t inherently slippery.

A thoughtful bathroom remodel is a great investment in your commercial space, as it creates a better experience for both visitors and employees. If you’re looking to remodel a commercial bathroom in Florida, New Horizons Construction Services can help. We are a general contractor with experience in a wide range of building projects, ranging from offices to retail to medical and more. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, give us a call at 407-574-2164.

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