Mistakes To Avoid When Building A Strip Mall

Drive through any city or town in America and you’re likely to see at least one strip mall. These commercial strip mall developments have become extremely common, but some are more successful than others. This can happen as a result of mistakes on the developer’s part. Here are some of the biggest mistakes to avoid when constructing a strip mall.

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Each unit in the strip mall needs to be visible to those passing by, otherwise they will likely have a difficult time building up a steady customer base. Some strip malls will have a portion of units on a second floor or facing away from the entrance, for example. While this may seem more efficient, a lack of visibility can make it difficult for these businesses to build up a base.

Poor Location

The location of a strip mall can make or break its overall success. Ideally, strip malls should be built off of a major road or intersection where potential customers can see it. The strip mall shouldn’t be obstructed by other buildings or landscape features, which can make it difficult to find.

Successful strip malls are often close to other destinations that area residents spend time, such as offices, schools, or parks. While strip malls tend to be car-centric developments, they can also benefit from being close to public transit as well.

On top of this, you will need to make sure there is a need for a strip mall in the area where you want to build. Small communities may not need more than one commercial complex to meet demand.

Lack of Parking

Many people visit strip malls to run their daily errands. These customers are often in a hurry and want their trips to the store to be as convenient as possible. To make your strip mall convenient for everyone, you’ll need to make sure you have enough parking. The parking lot should be easy to access from nearby roads and have enough space for your customers.

Additionally, you’ll need to make sure that the strip mall has enough parking for the strip mall’s employees as well. A good option for this is to build a dedicated lot behind the building where employees can comfortably park for long periods of time.

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Inefficiently Designed Units

Each unit in a strip mall needs to be designed practically. Many developers that build strip mall units design them to be either too big or too small for their tenants. For example, a grocery store is going to need a much different space than a nail salon or a clothing store. During the initial design process, developers should consider the type of tenants they are most likely to attract and create spaces for them. These units should also be designed flexibly enough to accommodate different businesses over the life of the location.

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