7 Commercial Construction Tips for Office Renovation

Fort Myers FL commercial construction general contractorsA full or partial office renovation can solve a lot of challenges and open up new vistas of opportunity.  There are as many reasons to reconfigure your office area as there are companies considering an office renovation.  Whatever your objectives, there are a few things you should consider prior to moving forward.

1. Get input

Before launching a renovation project, make sure the key decision-makers in your company are on board and have the opportunity to offer practical ideas and voice their concerns.  This way, new (and potentially valuable) information won’t come up after the work has begun.

2. Know your reason

Do you need space for additional infrastructure?  Are you adding a new division of employees?  Is the facility old and run-down and in need of a facelift?  Knowing your exact reason for the renovation will help you stick to the plan and develop a realistic budget only for the tasks that actually need to be done.

3. Think long-term

Your office renovation will benefit your operation now.  But if at one point you want to sell the building, consider how the accomplishments you’ve made in the renovation will be seen by prospective buyers.  If there are local trends or office structural amenities you know are highly valued by buyers, you might consider fitting some of them into your project.

4. Hire the best

The scope of your office renovation will dictate which professionals are needed to accomplish it.  Whether you’ll be using a general contractor, subcontractors, engineers, electricians, architects, interior designers or any other experts, do your homework and interviews to ensure that you hire only credible firms with demonstrated experience in your type of project.  Doing so will save you money and headaches down the line.

5. Determine if the building is currently up to code

Before beginning an office renovation project, find out if any systems (electrical, plumbing, heating and A/C, etc.) are not up to code.  The time to address these issues is before or during remodeling, not after it’s complete.  This prevents you from having to physically affect a new, finished area to get to the things you need to modify.

6. Create and follow a smart budget

The rule of thumb with office renovations is: expect the unexpected.  Build into your budget a contingency fund equal to about 10 percent of the whole to cover surprises.  Also, decide on the project’s priorities and budget to make sure they get done above all else.  In the event costs will need cutting at some point, identify in advance the lower-priority items on which the cuts can start.

professional construction services and GC subs in Miami FL7. Prepare for the process

Most office renovations will create some level of disruption to staff and workflow.  Plan beforehand how you can work around the disruptions and operate at the highest possible levels.  It’s not easy doing business in a “construction zone,” but with advanced planning, you can reduce many of the possibly negative impacts.

By following these and other guidelines, you’ll ensure that your office renovation project will turn out just as expected and bring you the benefits you were counting on.

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