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3 Reasons to Reach Out to Your General Contractor During the Commercial Construction Process

commercial construction central floridaMany companies understand the role of a general contractor, but did you know that they can be an invaluable resource in the beginning of the commercial construction process? General contractors are deeply involved in all facets of the construction process. Unfortunately, many project owners don’t develop a relationship with contractors early enough in the process. This can lead to costly mistakes and expensive work arounds to meet construction requirements. To fully tap into their vast knowledge and experience, its highly recommended business owners consult with a general contractor in the very beginning of the construction process. It’s as easy as A-B-C.

Architectural drawings

Your commercial construction project will need a set of blueprints and other construction documents that contractors will use for building on your vision. Since general contractors must interface with architects on an almost daily basis for a variety projects, they know which architects are best in their field for many different types of commercial construction. Whether you’re planning on building a new hotel, remodeling a theme park, expanding a retail store or any other type of commercial construction project, a general contractor can help you select a reputable architectural firm for your project.

Budgetary Assistance

Planning a budget and estimating the cost of a construction project are two different animals. Both of which are a necessary part of the process. Owners need a realistic budget to determine the financial viability of the project. And financial stakeholders need an accurate construction estimate to ensure the project is within the approved budget. When you get a general contractor involved early in the process they will be able to do much of the budgeting and estimating work for you. And it will be more accurate than doing it yourself or getting a ballpark estimate. A general contractor can also provide advice on delivery options and make suggested construction changes that will help you stretch your budget further without jeopardizing the integrity of your project.

Comparing site selections

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Many times, an organization will buy a site with the intention of building in the future without consulting with a commercial contractor. This can prove to be a costly mistake if the property has undesirable characteristics that make it either unsuitable to build or costlier to deliver your vision. It’s a good idea to consult with a general contractor prior to purchasing your site. They can survey the top three sites you are considering and provide their recommendations that will help you make the most profitable decision for your construction project.


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